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Review of McLennan and Ball at David B. Smith Gallery. Denver

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site of the day

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Official French site of the Lascaux Caves


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The Vasulkas Woody and Steina treat video like material.  Stuff to be manipulated.  Like in their very early animation “The Matter”  which you can see coming out of process,   a wavy strip of nubbly rubber.

This piece SWITCH, (1976), uses a moving vertical video stripe moving against another image field – a room – to superimpose two times and spaces that are very close.  That’s about it for the story but it’s Steina’s walk in slow motion doubled and serious look that doesn’t quite hold and Woody’s studied insouciance that works for me in this room – their lab which is LIQUID ARCHITECTURE where space and time cross each other and the moving images come to a halt through their opposition.  time is my toy.architecture


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Call the vacuum cleaner

Call the vacuum cleaner

So boring, so exciting to fill the vacuum at the Westin Denver.